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Sunday, February 8, 2015


The blog is dead.

But it will come back life this summer. I am reworking and then relaunching it. Why not leave it up in the process of redesign so people can continue to read the nonsense I love to spew forth? Well, I do have a real job currently, and it appears as though my real identity and my secret identity may have been compromised. This summer that will no longer be an issue as I am relocating, and in my new location I will be more careful in protecting my pen name (as you can imagine, the Bitter Blog doesn't go over well in the professional world).

The relaunch, I hope, will also allow the blog to have a more specific focus. We will see. Since it was my first attempt at something like this, I suppose it was a bit scattered. Initially it was started to promote my book, but now I see it as something fundamentally different.

So, as I said, I will relaunch it with a renewed commitment. Return in June.

--Simon Lee